Wynne Law Reported Cases

Cotto v. City of New Haven, 294 Conn. 265 (2009)
(Challenge to the sovereign immunity statute of municipal liability).

Brownstein, et al v. Spilke, et al, 117 Conn. App. 761 (2009)
(Foreclosure action; denial of motion for deficiency judgment; failure to prove fair fair market value).

Spilke v. Spilke, 116 Conn. App. 590 (2009)
(Dissolution of Marriage; denial of motion to reopen judgment based upon fraudulent concealment of assets).

New England Custom Concrete, LLC v. Carbone, 102 Conn. App. 652 (2007)
(Applicability of the Home Improvement Act to the savings clause and to subsequent oral modifications).

Hassett v. City of New Haven, 91 Conn. App. 245 (2005)
(Uninsured motorist action- interpretation of Tort Reform II to award for economic damages and to collateral source offset).

Tryon v. North Branford, et al., 58 Conn. App. 702 (2000)
(The doctrine of governmental immunity as it applies to the imminent harm exception for municipal employees).

Fraser v. United States, 83 F. 3rd 591 (2nd Cir. 1996)
(Amicus curie brief regarding liability of outpatient clinic to victim of patient’s criminal act; clinic held not liable to unforeseeable third party).

Fraser v. United States, 236 Conn. 625 (1996)
(Amicus curie brief for certified questions of state law from Federal Court of Appeals).

St. Pierre v. Solnit, 233 Conn. 389 (1995)
(Application of regulations of the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations regarding smoking policy at state hospitals).

State v. Garcia, 233 Conn. 44 (1995) (trial counsel)
(Developed rules for implementation of procedures for forcibly medicating incompetent criminal defendant).

State v. Metz, 230 Conn. 400 (1994)
(Amicus curie brief; shifted burden of proof to state for continued commitment under the Psychiatric Security Review Board).

Pert v. Psychiatric Security Review Board, 41 Conn. App. 688 (1996)
(Administrative appeal regarding quasi-judicial panel as board of experts).

Mahoney v. Lensick, 213 Conn. 548 (1990)
(Case of first impression finding a waiver of sovereign immunity under Patients’ Bill of Rights in state psychiatric facilities; money damages permitted against state).

Mahoney v. Lensick, 17 Conn. App. (1998).

Unreported Cases:

Warren v. Solnit, (Hartford Superior Court, 1996)
(Consent Agreement establishing statewide grievance procedure for clients of the Department of Mental Health and Addition Services);

State v. Kearney, (New Britain Superior Court, 1997)
(Case of first impression regarding application of Untied States Supreme Court case to Connecticut mental health law).